April 17, 2008

Just Observing

April 11-- 6th grade English class
April 14-- 7th grade earth science class
April 16-- 8th grade Spanish 1 class
April 17-- 7th grade reading class
Everyday -- 7th/8th grade publications class**

In several different classrooms, I've noticed that there are a lot of kids out there who work really hard at pretending that they are working. Those kids wear me out!

"You need to get on task," I tell student.

"I am!" student answers.

"What have you done?" I ask.

"Blah, blah, bulldoody, blah," student answers indignantly.

"Yes, those three words that you've written on your paper in the past 20 minutes are quite impressive. Pick up the pace."

"See Miss! I AM working!"

By the way, this is a pointless conversation to have with "hard-working" students. I'm not sure if they think they are really working so hard or if they think that I'm a complete fool. I think I know the answer, after all, I am over 30.

**I made this observation about other classes, but then I realized that my own publication staff could probably write the book on it. Don't hold your breath for that book, though...

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