January 6, 2008

Vacation Remorse Starts Here

Okay, so I had to think about school eventually. Tomorrow morning is going to be painful. I should probably go in early so I can remember what exactly this teaching gig entails.

I hope I didn't leave a big to-do list for myself.

This is last week of the quarter. Just what kind of miracles do people expect me to perform after two weeks of vacation? If the answer is none, then this won't be the week I am observed.

The plan for this week is flexible. What do the students need from me to finish up their writing and reading projects? Let's call that a workshop model, shall we?

Department meeting on Monday.

Faculty meeting on Friday.

Projects up to my neck in the forecast this weekend.

Isn't there some yearbook deadline coming, too?

This afternoon would be a good time for a nice nap of denial.

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