January 26, 2008

I'm Dispensable Afterall

8:45 pm HappyChyck's House

"Oh, Hun! Is there a reason why there are beans in the slow cooker but it's not plugged in?"

I sighed. Was he serious? Why would it be plugged in this time of night? "Yes, there is," I answered.

"Okay, I was just checking."

That's it?

"Do you really not know why the beans are there?"

"No." He said it such a way to indicate that it doesn't really matter.

"They have to be soaked overnight first or they will take forever to cook."

"Oh." He's still quite uninterested.

"You would starve without me, wouldn't you?! Or you'd be cooking those beans for days on end--you'd be eating crunchy beans!"

"That's not true! Ha! Cuz I wouldn't be eating beans--I would be eating pizza!"

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