December 11, 2007


My community is in the national news tonight because kids solve problems with guns. There are so many questions in my head about the events that lead to the ambush. Of course there is a giant question in my head:


These kids make me so sad sometimes. The harm they do each other.... the harm done unto them...the environments in which they live.


One of my students told me he was going to be moving at the end the quarter. I've been trying to read between the lines with him, but he shelters me too much. Today he told me, "Miss, it was bad this weekend. You have no idea." I didn't understand what he's trying to communicate to me, so I drilled him with 20 questions based on what I know of his life. All I could squeeze out of him is that he will probably be moving to a different bad neighborhood in northern California, and his parents aren't moving with him. It's frustrating. I like this kid, but he's so hot and cold that I'm about the only teacher on his side these days. Okay, honestly, it's getting harder for me to stay in his corner. But then he hints to the hardships of his life, and what can I do but wonder and worry?

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