May 11, 2007

What Did We Expect?

Our foreign language teachers planned a big team event today, which involved all of our students sitting in a room watching travel videos that they made for the entire day. (Yes, students on my team all take a foreign language.) It was a really good idea for them to share--and evaluate--their videos with each other, but it was a long day.

We fed them snacks regularly. We packed them into a room just the right size to accommodate 150 teenagers. We contained 150 teenagers to one room for an entire day. We let them out of the room for lunch, where they feasted on pizza and other food they brought in, which included quite a bit of junk food.

Did I say student-made videos? Yea, really cool. But if you look at the number of students we have in this group who are not motivated students, you know there were going to be plenty of poor quality videos. Some of them were so boring. Ack! And since it's so cool to make all your letters swim or spin on the screen, I got dizzy just watching a few of them.

And you know every time I saw a spelling error I wanted to jump up and say, "Whose video is this? Are you KIDDING me?" And don't even get me started on my pet peeve with exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, let's review:

7 hours
150 teenagers
small room
24 videos
half of the videos painfully dull
crazy editing and style issues (probably only to me)
uncomfortable chairs
lots of junk food

Okay, okay. I have to be positive. The kids had a great time, and even the crappiest movie is better than I can do because I haven't bothered to learn i-movie yet. Kudos to our foreign language teachers for pulling this together!

But...right now....

I wonder if that bottle of wine my brother made me is ready to drink yet?

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