March 3, 2007

Those Students Need Glasses

In celebration of Read Across America, I wore my t-shirt that says, "Got Books?" to school. I would wear it all the time, but we don't dress down much at my school, so it was the first time my students had seen it.

"Miss! What does your shirt say?"

I opened my cardigan so they could read it better.

They started laughing at me because they thought it said something different. Geez! I hate those kids! They are so mean! Instead of crawling under my desk, I decided to just put myself on display even further for the laughs. The best defense mechanism there is, right?

"Just wait until you see the back," I said, turning around to show them.

It says, "I do!" Riotous laughs all around.

I did have dozens of students throughout the day exclaim that my shirt was cool and they wanted one. I love those kids.

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