March 17, 2007

Are Y'all Enjoying Spring?

I'm just wondering if anyone is enjoying spring. I seemed to have missed it.

Two weeks ago it was it was 56 degrees with a nasty, chilly wind. (Don't laugh. Trust me, it was cold.) I clearly remember because I jumped down my stepdaughter's throat when I picked up her up from the after school program where I found her playing outside with a short-sleeved shirt on and no coat. The only reason she'd been allowed to wear that t-shirt was because it was some sort of special reading week thing. Otherwise, she would have worn a sweater. Yes, I distinctly remember that day I never did warm up because it was so cold, and here were my children playing outside with no coats. (She'd also been out of school one day because she came back from her mother's family sick with a cold because she'd been playing outside without a coat.)

So, I went on a rant about wearing coats and using one's brains, and then the next day coats were simply unneccesary. Okay, it may not have been the very next day, but pretty darn close. I know that I've been dying of the heat all week long, uncomfortable in short-sleeves and slacks. The air-conditioner has been on at my house all week! Air-conditioning!

It was 92 degrees today!

Do we not have spring here in Las Vegas? Isn't it a season? Don't seasons last more than a few days? How am I to survive the sweltering summer if I don't get to enjoy spring first? Come on! I live for the mid-70's!

Stay tuned for for next week when I travel to northern Nevada where the lows are in the 30's and the highs in the 50's. I won't be happy then either.

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