June 30, 2009

Get Unplugged

Hittin' the road this week.

Leaving my computer at home.

Yes, I am taking an online class, but I have to let it go until the last minute this week. Where would I connect?

The first leg of my trip takes me to some dear old-timers who have little use for computers. (Cable television is a different story.) Although...their daughter, my best friend, is a connected chick. She's on her one-month administrator vacation, though. She's probably looking forward to peace.

The second leg of my trip will take me to rural northwest for a family reunion. I talked to my aunt, who is also going to the reunion, this evening:

"I'm excited to see you! Now, remember, there's no cell phone service up there. So, when you get to town, go by grandma's house. If I'm not there, I'll leave a note telling you where we are."

Leaving notes? Wow! Old school!

Will there be a hand-drawn map? I mean, I won't have Googlemaps or Mapquest!

The last time I visited my grandma's house, over 5 years ago, I thought I had cell service. Kind of. I mean, I do have Verizon! But...I was already planning on being disconnected.

The last leg of the trip will take us closer to civilization--and connection--but we'll be on the road.

For those of you who don't know about the West, there are lots of places where "being on the road" means you might not see people for hours. No people = possibly no cell phone. Of course, Nevada is the worst, but I've wandered many western roads--even freeways--that went on forever with towns. Now, last year, I found myself lost in Tennessee a few times, but there was a town every 10 miles. A few years ago, I thought I was alone in Virginia, but beyond those tree were entire communities-or so I was told.

Anyway, on with the rambling...we'll make our last stop in Utah, where we'll invade my parents' home for several days. I KNOW they are connected, but I'll be logging on just long enough to get my coursework done. Remember, at mom and dad's we do a lot of porch-sittin'.

So, a little cleanse. Getting unplugged. Getting in touch with places where I don't have to be in touch with others.

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