August 23, 2008

Not Even Close to Ready

I finally received my classroom keys this morning.

Don't get excited for me thinking I had all day today to work in my classroom because I spent the morning selling yearbooks. Don't feel sad for me because I NEED to get as many yearbook orders as I can at the beginning of the year because after this it's highly unlikely I'll sell many books until it comes in May. Fellow advisers, I know you are surprised to hear this, but apparently this a common trend in Las Vegas. Yes, I spend the year stressing out, wondering if I'll sell all the books when they come--and wondering if one of these years Jostens will refuse to print my books until I send more money. (Please, Jostens! Don't! I love you! I'll get the money! I promise!)

Students were able to come on campus to pick up their schedules yesterday afternoon and this morning. Unfortunately they were unable to tour the campus (it was closed to us teachers yesterday, too) and to purchase the required supplies, such as agendas and P.E. clothing. In fact, we workers were stationed just inside the school gate for the distribution. Caution tape kept everyone out of the rest of our campus: we could look, but we could not touch!

This change of plan happened at the last minute--and for a few moments after I found out we were simply handing out schedules and not selling anything, I almost had a nervous breakdown. I'm not exaggerating. Tears came forth. I couldn't breathe. I wanted to vomit. Not being able to pre-sell yearbooks would have been misery for my program. A year of double worry for me. Thankfully, when admin said nothing would be sold, they weren't talking about me. In fact, they had a cash box ready for me because I've done a good job stressing the importance of selling books during this time each year.

I'd like to give a shout out to my vice principal, principal, the administrative assistant, and the accountant at my school. Ladies--thank you for all your help! You rock!

Okay, now speaking of yearbook, which is only ONE class in my schedule...because of this ONE class in my schedule, the principal ordered a publications classroom for me, which means there's a certain package of things that will go in my room. (It was probably necessary if I expected to get a new camera and scanner.) She even moved my classroom to an place where I would have a shared storage room just in case my staff needed some private space to store materials. (What happens in yearbook stays in yearbook!) I appreciate her thinking about about my staff! As it happens, this type of classroom comes with tables rather than desks. Big tables. I'm okay with tables, but my classroom is sooooooooo small. Actually, I think if I had 30 desks instead of 20 tables, I would not be in any better shape. All the tables are pushed together, but I am afraid when I pull them out and place chairs with them, there will be no space to move.

I know you might be thinking that the math doesn't add up. My rosters currently have 30 students in each class, except publications, which has 20 students. The tables could seat 4 students, but their workspaces would be rather short--there'd be notebook bumping. That makes for short tempers. The tables are meant for 2 students. So, technically I need 15 tables. Excellent.

Oh, but with this publications package comes 10 computers. Oh! They are so pretty! I am so thankful! I don't know if they are exactly this Mac, but they look like it. So that's where the other 5 tables go. And you KNOW that they MUST go on the wall where all the jacks are. So, 20 tables. Yeah.

I was in my classroom long enough to eyeball the situation, but tomorrow I'll take my sweetie and a measuring tape, and we'll spend a few hours trying to create a functional classroom with a roomful of furniture and the confinements of logistics. How can I get my desk as far away from the door as possible considering the jacks dictate where it goes? Will 5 tables even fit across the wall where the 10 computers will be housed? Where in the world will that big wardrobe go? How much room do I really need between the white board and the tables?

Sigh. I'll be so happy to get to Monday so we can finally start. Enough inconvenience and not being ready. Going into my "finished" room for the first time was not as much fun as I thought it would be. Just bring on the kids. Let's go!

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