October 2, 2007

Where Would We Be Without Jack?

I bought a new flash drive for my publications staff this week. The old one had a tendency to hold files hostage, so it had to retire. We do virtually everything electronically, and at this time, the only way we can easily move newspaper articles to the editor is through a flash drive. Of course, we use a flash drive for various other things, too. It's an important tool to our staff.

When I plugged it in to my computer the first time, I couldn't stand to see the "Untitled" icon pop up. I just had to name the flash drive.

"Hey guys! What should we name our new flash drive?"

Of course, I had a lot of blank looks at that question.

"You know, when you put it in, it pops up with a name. We need a name."

"Uh, how 'bout Publications?" Duh, Ms. HappyChyck.

"Too boring. Too obvious. That was the name of the one we used to have. You know, the one that would take your articles by never given them back. We need something fun. How about Armando?"

I really only had a handful of staff members who wanted to play along with my little game, but that's all I needed. We negotiated different names, and it in the end it was almost named Bob. That's always a funny name. In the end, we settled for the hippest character played by my adolescent heart throb, Johnny Depp. That's right, our flash drive is name for pirate Jack Sparrow.

I know you were thinking maybe Tom Hansen, Edward Scissorhands, CryBaby, or Gilbert Grape. Any of those would have been wonderful, but none of them are pirates. And pirates are cool, matey!

Since his name is Jack, he probably should be named Jack Flash. But he's not.

It took a few minutes for my students to warm up to the idea that our flash drive had a name.

One of them would ask, "Can I use the flash drive?"

And I would reply, "You have to ask for it by name."

Sigh. "Can I use Jack Sparrow?"


A few days have passed and everyone--even the serious boy who never speaks to us--asks for Jack by name.

I have to admit I have had my doubts about this little inside joke we have on the staff now. I try not to snicker though:

"Where's Jack?"
"I need to use Jack!"
"I don't know where Jack is."
"Who has Jack?"
"Maria has Jack. Go get him from her."
"Is Jack being used?"
"I'm using Jack!"


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