October 8, 2007

The Nerve

I just found out tonight that I won't be paid for my part-time night school teaching job until the end of next month. Now, I'm well aware of the fact that there's always a delay in these kinds of things, and we only get paid for extra duty-type things on the paycheck at the end of month, but I was certainly expecting my first payment at the end of this month.

What the cause? Apparently my position is being paid by a grant this year, and at the district level there was a screw up about the availability of those funds for me to be paid this month. The secretary was really nice--and concerned and apologetic--about it, and she apparently told the principal that she hoped we (a couple of other teachers are in the same boat) didn't quit over this. Nay, I wouldn't quit, but I'm irritated.

I was ten times irritated when I found out that the principal said, "Oh, they won't mind." Really? Is that what he thinks of us? That we wouldn't mind working for three months without seeing any pay? Perhaps he's like to do that! Now, it might be different if the principal knew me, and if he perhaps he knew I spent my extra pay on shoes or Urban Decay cosmetics. But the man doesn't know me. What if I work this extra job to pay my $3o0 electric bills? (Imagine my shock when I got my first electric bill at our new house.) What if I work to pay off student loans? What if I work so I can retire early? What if I were a single mother trying to raise her kids on one income only?

Seriously! The nerve of some people thinking that I wouldn't mind teaching for free.

(Okay, it's technically, not free at all since I will get paid eventually, but you know what I mean...)

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