June 8, 2012

No Rest for the Wicked or the Teachers

Summer Break is finally here!

I think I just finished my 14th year, or maybe it was my 15th? I don't know. Time kind of blends together. Princess Diana died the week I started teaching. It was a long time ago!

Today was one of those time warp things where it really felt like just another year when I am packing up my classroom like I'm having to leave, but alas, no, I am just putting things away for the summer. Is it true that I won't have the Sunday Blues? No stacks of papers? No more endless meetings?

I wish.

Early Monday morning, I have a training on iPads in the classroom. It's kind of mandatory training, but then it's not really because my contract is finished, but since we are going to a 1:1 iPad program next year, this is the first in a few trainings. Apparently, at this training I will receive my iPad, so at least there's that--oh, and it is a paid training. Honestly, there are multiple sessions in the next few weeks for my school and others who were accepted into this special grant program, and as you can see, I picked the FIRST one after school ended. Let's get this "mandatory" training over with. Let's try to stretch out my summer, shall we?

Oh, never mind. I'm also taking three online professional development courses this month. They should be short and easy to finish. I took two of them in the last month while I was working my regular 60 hours a week, so I think I have this handled. I hope.

By June 22, I be completely ready for a break, and in fact, I'll be hittin' the road. As in the past, I take the entire month of July off from anything work-related. Just a few more weeks, and I'm going to totally take a break.

I promise.


Melissa B. said...

Oh, I feel your pain! We just finished up last Wednesday (I know - OMG!), and here I am this morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, starting a week of so-called "professional development." Enjoy your summer, chica!

Maestro said...

I will be interested to hear how the iPad works out for you. I got one just over a year ago, and I use it constantly (my whole AV system is integrated with it now.)

You may want to look into an app called Teacher Assistant - it's a great behavior tracker.