December 27, 2010


Time flies.
When I'm having fun.
When I'm suffering.
It just flies.

I couldn't wait for December to show up because November was a crazy, nonproductive month in my classroom, and I was certainly ready to spend some time cramming learning so I felt like I deserved a break.

Of course, I was also looking forward to December for the break.

Now, here I am on the second week of my break. It's the week I told myself I'd do some grading--I tried not to bring any home, but I ran out of time to complete it.

It's also the week I said I'd clean out my closet. No problem. I'll have plenty of time. I won't mind.

And here I am, having had a lovely first week of my break, and I just want to continue my peaceful, no-stress, lazy buzz for another week.

Who could blame me?

1 comment:

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