May 6, 2010


You know how small children often get that burst of energy just before they have to go to bed? They get super hyper, running around, acting crazy, being loud, and in general, driving their parents a little loony at the time of day when they are the most tired?

Well, I believe my 8th graders are having a burst of immaturity in the last few weeks before they move onto high school.

Work independently and silently?
Foreign, incomprehensible concept.

Walk into a classroom, sit down, and be ready to work?
Seriously, children, do I need to model that for you in May?

Listen while others, especially the teacher, are talking?
Do you lose your home training, too?

Do your work and turn it in.
What am I giving you time for during class? It's not to talk to your friends.
What's so hard? Do. Your. &%*$. Work!

It's not just in the classroom that they are a mess, either. In the hallways, they congregate like they are on a 15 minute coffee break when they only have 3 minutes to get to class. After school isn't much better, as they mill around the hallways cackling and goofing off. Go home, already! For students who are so disconnected from their academics, they are awfully bound to campus at the end of the day.

Yes, I know, it's about seeing their friends. I got that. Thank you. Still irritating.

Of course, part of this is my problem because at this point in the school year, my patience level is virtually nonexistent.

We're are in such a pickle.

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