January 3, 2010

It's Been a Lovely Time, But Now Back to the Grind

Over the break, I...
  • read 6 books (nothing profound, but mostly enjoyable)
  • rediscovered a hobby
  • spent time with my parents
  • caught up on life with my best friend (the one from middle school)
  • cooked real meals
  • made some white trash goodies: saltine cookies and peanut butter sandwiches
  • found two restaurants I liked, including a take-out pizza place down the street (essential for life, right?)
  • ate lots of turkey (It was only a 14 lb turkey, but it's STILL not finished!)
  • did about 25 hours of work (needed to do more, but everyone is damn lucky I did that much)
  • went to bed early A LOT
  • woke up naturally and drank a leisurely cup of coffee every morning
  • discovered two new shows (to me): Pawn Stars and Criminal Minds
  • de-stressed completely

I wish I would have...
  • caught up on the feeds in my Bloglines account
  • read even more books
  • see a few movies
  • napped more
  • thought of a way to stretch my vacation out even more
Oh, well! It is what it is. I'm content.

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