January 13, 2009

Learning Distractions

I don't know why I went on and one about my embarrassing moment today--you know the kid who took the power nap in my class while I was helping his classmates, and while I was being observed.

Things could be worse and weirder.

Last night one of my high school girls, one who is a mommy to a two-year old, was all in a tizzy because something happened over the weekend, and she had to take the morning-after pill. She actually had the pill in her possession, but she needed to talk to a couple of girls in the class about a few things. I guess she had questions.

You know how teen girls are...always in a crisis about something and needing to talk to their girlfriends right in the middle of your class. Pretty typical. But this is a new one to me, though.

No, I don't know the details. I just know she was stressed out. I mean, had I known anything about the morning-after pill, I would have been in the loop, but I probably know the least of any of the girls in my class.

Even after she consulted some of the girls, and calmed down a little, she was hardly the model student the rest of the night. What? Did I expect that she would really be able to focus on the class? That's ridiculous. Who could in that situation?

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