February 13, 2008

So Helpful

A miracle has happened.

Sort of.

After I spent many hours (for which I was paid) working on a Wikispace for my class and team last summer, the district blocked my site. Well, they blocked all of the wikispaces. You know, social networking sites are evil. Our school tech person put in a request to the district computer gods to unblock the site, and after five months, I received notification that the requested site--my wiki--was unblocked.


The URL they unblocked isn't my page.

Words cannot even express...

So close. The district computer gods added an extra letter in the wikispaces user name. So darn close.

Well, the name that's been unblocked hasn't been picked up by a wikispaces user yet. Should I take it? Can I handle the bitter disappointment if I spend 40 hours working on my own time and dime to recreate what I had, only to be blocked out again?

Oh, that's right! I'm a teacher! I drink a shot of bitter disappointment blended with martyrdom each day for lunch. Its builds healthy cynicism.

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