December 21, 2006

Back from the Cold with No Deep Thoughts

Back from the few days I spent up in Utah with my family. It snowed just enough that it seemed that everytime I wanted to use my car I had to scrape frost and sweep snow off of the windows. Just like riding a bicycle--it all comes back to ya!

Mostly the whole time I was there I was wishing the feeling in my toes would come back to me, too.

It was a lovely visit that was obviously too short. My visit fell on the days off of one family member or another, so I ended up basically one day with my brother's family, one day with my dad, and one day with my mom. We were all together for dinner a few evenings, too. I didn't expect to see everyone so much because it is a busy time of year in all their jobs, which I something I can say when I visit in the summer, too.

I do feel much more decompressed and relaxed. I've rarely thought of work, even on the long drives, which is where I often do a lot of thinking. My most pressing thought these days is, "What should I make for Christmas dinner?" Should I go traditional, or should I make something yummy that we rarely eat because it's too rich or time-consuming? These are some deep thoughts, aren't they?

In the next few days I'll be doing the Tasmanian Devil-dance cleaning the house, wrapping presents, and doing last minute shopping. And you know that with the last-minute shopping it's going to be a hurry up-and-wait event. Two Sundays ago I was out shopping and the lines were long and slow, and twice I arrived at stores only to find no shopping carts. Can you imagine what it's going to be like 4 days before Christmas? I should take a book to read. Reading is what I'd rather be doing anyway!

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