October 5, 2006


Finally! A nice drizzly, rainy day--and nearly all day. If we ever get rain, it's often a quick downpour that causes flash flooding. Today we have nice steady showers. It's BEAUTIFUL!

I kept the door to my classroom open all day (I'm in an outdoor hallway) although it was a little chilly. The students didn't mind, and we all enjoyed the smell of the rain.

Here's something that might surprise those of you who don't live in the desert: Rain makes the kids NUTS! They are off-the-hook crazy and hyper. They beg to go outside and run in the rain, and when they are out in it, they are like small children splashing through puddles. It's insanity!

Our new teachers who have never lived in a such a dry climate don't understand why the students are so excited to be soggy. I don't know of any scientific or physiological explanation. I just know they are like little sponges finally come to life with a little water. Like those little pellets that when soaked in water, suddenly pop out some sponge-like pet.

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