January 7, 2006

My Resolutions

Blah, blah, blah. Do I have to do this? It is, after all, January 7th already. I used to get really into making up resolutions for the new year, but the last few years I haven't even bothered. But then there's some guilt because, well, I'm not perfect. Shocking, isn't it? So, here's a list of improvements that I could make to be a SUPER HUMAN BEING.
  1. Lose weight. Duh. Move more. Each more veggies and fruit. Each whole foods instead of processed. Drink more water. Crave less chocolate.
  2. Be more finacially responsible. Save. Spend less. Clip more coupons.
  3. Have more fun. Laugh. Do things. For cheap, of course.
  4. Get organized. Has anyone seen...my desk? Either one?
  5. Write in my blog more. Write more, period. But I might as well publish it.
  6. Be a more exciting teacher. Create fewer eye rolls in the classroom. If that is at all possible. [eyeroll]
  7. Stop stressing out. About everything.
  8. Make preparations to go back to school. Need to make more money--who doesn't? Chris will finish his schooling this year. It's my turn.
  9. Work less. Or more efficiently. I really can't work less because I'll get behind. That's stressful.
  10. Love myself more despite my deficiencies. Duh.

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