July 29, 2005

East Trop

Where are the people?
Holed up in their
crowded air-conditioned dwellings?
Out for the evening?
Don’t they have children
who romp and play outside?
Are they pleasant people?
If I dropped by to say hi
Would they answer the knocks
from a stranger outside?
Or should I fear
what lurks
behind closed doors?

Just down the street,
Why are the stores so crowded?
What has sucked the life
out of these tired,
droopy shoppers?
Are any of them my neighbors?
Do we share walls?
Will our purchased goods,
later used,
end up
joined again
in the trash bin?
What does that say
if only our rubbish
has a common bond?
If we met at the dumpster,
would they at least
share a momentary glance?
A familiar smile?
Any humane gesture?

Is it possible to feel
at home
in your own home
in a place
you don’t know
nor trust
your fellow pod dwellers?

In this bustling, transient city
are my neighbors lonely, too?
Or are they just too busy
to feel a little?
Do they wonder about me
stealing furtive glances
at them in line?
Where I go when I’m not home?
If I’m laughing or crying
behind locked doors?
Are they too fearful
of the unknowns?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This was interesting.......I like that you were able to fully express the reality of day to day neighborhood life and the fears people have. Wouldn't it just be wonderful if "WE" could start a trend by finding ways to bring people out and into the open once again?Teach them we don't have to be afraid of everything and everyone?
Progress is just few steps forward. Start small and flow outward. There is more fear for the unscupilous when freinds and neighbors bond together.